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Say “NO” To Tippy Beach Umbrellas!

Say “NO” to tippy Beach Umbrellas!

I love our Red Suricata Lycra Beach Sunshade Canopy. It packs smaller than an umbrella, is easier to assemble and there is no ugly pole in between friends! It provides a larger shaded area and still allows the coastal breezes to blow through. I saw someone else with one of these and I am so happy I bought one. Thank you for the great design.

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After years and years of frustration upon frustration at the beach, while really just trying to have a good time, my family and I finally found the perfect beach tent to offer us the experience we always wanted (THANK THE LORD!). As the mother of three, it’s always been my duty to take charge and set everything up - especially when it comes to family beach time. But honestly, I became tired and fed up of carrying all those heavy and bulky tents, besides the fact that no one else is ever willing to help, of course. I love my family and all, but I am not a superhero. And then after I would actually manage to get it to the beach, it would always break far too soon. 

It just wasn’t worth all the effort I was putting into it. Oh, and did I mention that it would also always blow away even after searching endlessly for suitable rocks to help hold it down? The kids at least helped with that. Basically, to make a long story short, I realized that I needed to make a SERIOUS change in what I’ve been doing, and namely - in the kind of tents I’ve been wasting my hard-earned money on!  So finally, yes, I did indeed find what my family and I have always been looking for, and it even cost us a lot less than we would have been willing to spend...somehow.


Other than the fact that it was lighter and easier to transport back and forth than any other tent we’ve ever come across, we were also shocked at how sturdy it really was, which we didn’t expect from the way it looked at first, just a simple, light-weight tent. It was super duper easy to set up, with 4 poles provided, taking max 10 minutes and that’s because I’m not the most savvy. Even with the wind and all on the beach of Panama City Florida (our favorite family vacation spot), the tent held up well for our entire beach day (which was an exciting first for us). 

If it's a very, very windy day though, I would suggest avoiding setting up a tent in the first place, even with this almost flawless tent. Believe it or not, we even had people walk by and ask to steal some of our shade! While we didn’t share it, it was nice to chat with some friendly folks! From now on, we only use this tent wherever we go and it comes everywhere and anywhere with us! We most recently enjoyed a family beach trip to a magical island off of Puerto Rico, and it was the perfect way to offer us the shade we needed especially since the shade palms of the island were still damaged from a Hurricane. 

Needless to say, my family and I are VERY pleased customers and would recommend these beach tents to just about anyone (and also already have to all of our friends and family). We already have one in each size and we want to say a very big thank you to those who made this absolutely fabulous and brilliant tent!! You’ve helped solve all of our beach problems and make our life a better place!

- Sherri Rosen




Check Out Our New And Improved RedSuricata® Beach Sunshade 👇

It’s cool, easy to set up, and perfect for spending time outdoors with friends and family. 
RedSuricata® Tent Canopies are #1 for Your Vacations, Picnics, and Days Outdoors.


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Check Out Our How To Use Video :

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What's Inside The Package? 

✔️ 4 Folding Aluminum Poles - The ONLY company with pointed, staked poles and secure plastic ball top

✔️ 4 Pole Anchor Screws – New 2020 – 4 improved pole anchors providing even greater stability to the sunshade -

EVEN in Windy Conditions as well as easier one-person set-up.

✔️ 4 Sand Bag Anchors – Easy to fill, and connected by strong ropes to canopy corners.

✔️ 1 Waterproof Carry Bag with Handles – The zippered carry bag fits everything inside for easy carrying!

✔️ 4 “bungee” elastic cords – New 2020 – dual-function – affix the canopy fabric to the pole & attach folded pole for storage

✔️ 4 Tent Pegs – Provides extra stability and support for your canopy tent.

✔️ UPF50 UV Sun Protection – This is equivalent to screening out 98% of direct UV Sunlight.

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    The Dimensions:

       Medium Large
      Size 7' x 7' ft. 10' x 9' ft.
      Weight 7.5 lb 9.2 lb
      Number of people 3-4 Adults 6-7 Adults


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