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Say “NO” To Tippy Beach Umbrellas!

Introducing The RedSuricata®

Say “NO” To Tippy Beach Umbrellas!

Introducing The RedSuricata®

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Beach Tent With UV Filter🌴

Now with the RedSuricata® Beach tent, you can create a shaded oasis anywhere in less than 5 minutes!

✔️ No more bothering yourself with an umbrella that sticks out half the window of your car and requires a real workout.

✔️ The premium fabric has a UPF50 UV filter that protects from harmful rays

✔️ Water repellant fabric - now your sunshade can be used as an occasional rain shelter.

✔️ Comes packed in a waterproof carry bag with a zipper

✔️ Medium shade weighs only 7.5lbs & offers space for 3-4 adults while large shade weighs 9.2lbs & is good for 5-7 people

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Sunshade Features and Benefits

The Package Includes

✔️ UPF50 & Water repellant Lycra Shade Canopy with 4 Sand Bag Anchors – Easy to fill, and connected by strong ropes to canopy corners.

✔️ 4 Folding Aluminum Poles - The ONLY company with pointed, staked poles and secure plastic ball top

✔️ 4 Pole Anchor Screws – New 2020 – 4 improved pole anchors providing even greater stability to the sunshade – EVEN in Windy Conditions as well as easier one-person set-up.

✔️ 2 Towel Hooks – New Summer 2020 – easily attach to the poles. Hang your towel, clothes or even a speaker.

✔️ 1 Aluminum Mini Shovel – New Summer 2020 – makes it a cinch to dig wet sand out, as well as shoveling sand into the 4 sandbags.

✔️ 1 Waterproof Carry Bag with Handles – The zippered carry bag fits everything inside for easy carrying!

✔️ 4 “bungee” elastic cords – New 2020 – dual function – affix the canopy fabric to the pole & attach folded pole for storage

✔️ 4 Tent Pegs – Provides extra stability and support for your canopy tent.

✔️ UPF50 UV Sun Protection – This is equivalent to screening out 98% of direct UV Sunlight.

Get Your RedSuricata® Today

Hey There👋

As the CEO of RedSuricata®, it is my greatest pride to share our story with you of how we came to be what we are today. Red Suricata was founded in Sydney AUS, by yours truly, together with the help of an amazing group of friends that I can still count on today for just about anything - and especially so when it comes to organizing an epic beach trip.

While at first, we were just so grateful to be together and on holiday, my friends and I eventually got tired of all that cheap beach gear that never seemed to last. We didn’t want to end our dreamy beach getaways sooner than planned because our equipment didn’t suffice.

Today RedSuricata®  offers everyone the chance to enjoy their beach experience to the fullest once and for all - in the most stress-free, efficient, comfortable, and affordable way possible.

Sincerely yours,


CEO of RedSuricata® 

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