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10 California Beach Vacation Spots That Can’t Be Missed

10 California Beach Vacation Spots That Can’t Be Missed

If you’re planning a beach getaway to the Golden State, then you’re surely going to want to visit these top 10 spots that simply can’t be missed.  Whether you’re looking to soak up the sun and get your tan on, surf those California waves, or simply enjoy a sunset from the movies as you stroll the boardwalk, rest assured that we’ve got you covered.  Finding the ideal California beach spot just got all that much easier. So what are you waiting for? Surf’s up! 


When it comes to California beaches, there’s nothing quite as iconic as Malibu Beach. Since it’s more of a residential area, it brings in less tourists and offers a local experience that can’t be found elsewhere.  Despite the homes that are spread throughout the 27-mile coastline, there are still no shortage of spots and ways to enjoy the crystal blue waters and ocean sand.  Some of the top-rated hotels in Malibu beach include the Malibu Lagoon and the Surfrider beach. And if you really want to keep it local? Then there’s always beach houses. 


Laguna Beach is known to be one of the most breathtaking towns in Orange County, and arguably in the world.   The area has endless summer art festivals and art galleries, being a top spot for art lovers who are also looking to enjoy a unique beach experience with bustling oceanside restaurants and shops. Anyone that’s watched the reality show about the dramas of eight teenagers in this beach town will surely know that it’s one spot not to be missed. 


Located nearly smack in the middle of San Francisco and Los Angeles,  Pismo Beach offers vacationers a classic California beach experience, with everything that you could have hoped for, and maybe even more.  Picture perfect Pismo never disappoints, with something for everyone, from more extreme activities such as beach ATV and surfing, to more chilled and relaxed pass-times such as golfing, horseback riding, and shopping.  Anyone looking for a memorable dining experience as well as a challenge will surely appreciate competing in a claim eating contest, a Pismo special. 


Santa Cruz a.k.a Surf City has an unbeatable reputation for its California beach vacation vibes.  Famous for its unique surfing culture and oceanfront amusement park, this beach spot is ideal for those looking for a family getaway, thanks to it’s laid back, welcoming atmosphere and affordable attractions. Be sure to check out the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary if you’re lucky to hit up Santa Cruz this summer. 


Venice Beach isn’t world famous for nothing.  Best known for its unique bohemian spirit,  Venice is a lively and upscale area that has it all, including the beach. From free spirit street performers and groovy murals that give the town the perfect amount of weird to trendy shops and cafes, Venice Beach is the place to see and be seen, and is truly an Instagrammers dream come true.  The 1.5 mile-long beach boardwalk is the perfect spot to watch the world go by and enjoy the California beach good vibes only policy. 


Cayucos is a popular California Beach spot due to its miles upon miles of sandy beaches. Due to its mild weather, it’s a great place to visit all year long and offers it’s vacationers a wide variety of unique beach activities, such as sea kayaking and surf fishing.   Swimming and sunbathing, are of course inevitable in any beach town, and travelers can also enjoy the galleries, antique shops, top-rated restaurants, and hotels while taking a break from the pristine water. 


Irish Beach, although less well-known is the ideal refuge for anyone that’s looking to truly enjoy a relaxing California beach experience.   The unbelievable scenery, secluded from large crowds and tourists might be just what you’re looking for.  From golf courses to wineries, parks, and romantic lighthouses, Irish Beach couldn’t possibly be more laid-back.  For the ultimate experience, check out the Ocean’s Edge beach rental home. 


While San Diego might not be known to be the calmest of cities, Mission Beach is still known to be an off the beaten-track spot that’s not to be missed for anyone looking for a unique California beach getaway, especially to experience it like a local.  The peaceful atmosphere offers beach volleyball, walking trails and amusement parks to keep you both entertained and relaxed at all times. 


If you’re looking to surf, well then stick to another California beach town. But if you’re willing to put the boards down for a memorable weekend, then La Jolla Cove is a dream come true for anyone looking for some underwater adventure - from swimming, snorkeling, and diving, La Jolla has got you covered. This ecologically protected beach is known to be the jewel of San Diego, and you’ll never have to worry about finding yourself a quiet spot, as small as it is. 


Redondo Beach, Los Angeles, is a great California beach to pay a visit to since it’s right by the ocean, yet still has no shortage of attractions going on at all times.  From sunbathing to beach volleyball, biking at the marina, deep-sea fishing, or renting a kayak, Redondo doesn’t disappoint, especially if you’re into seafood and fine dining. The beaches here don’t tend to get too crowded, making it the ultimate spot for a quiet getaway.



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