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Red Suricata at home

While traveling the world to visit the most picturesque, dreamy beaches is not an option right now for many due to the current pandemic, that doesn’t mean that you can’t use your Red Suricata beach shade at home. All it takes is a little creativity, and perhaps some inspiration too. Well, we’re here to do just that, providing you with some unique ideas to make the most of your Red Suricata right now, no matter where you are and what your restrictions may be. 

So how can you use something that’s intended for the beach without traveling anywhere? Good question. Your backyard or porch are great options for an at home Red Suricata experience - just set up your shade in a comfortable spot, and you’ve got yourself the ultimate shaded beach day without worrying about sand getting in the house, and of course, while safely socially distancing. And if you don’t have a backyard? No problem - how about your driveway? You’ll surely have all your neighbors jealous of your awesome summer set-up! 

If the roof of your home is sturdy enough, it can also be a wonderful spot to set up your Red Suricata and lay out all day long with music and snacks as though you’re off in the Carribean without having to worry about too much sun exposure.  
It’s all about thinking outside the box and making the most of what you have at home! 


How are you using your Red Suricata at home? We would love to see!
Upload your photos on social media with the hashtag #suricataathome to show us your incredible creativity!



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Check Out Our How To Use Video :

Get Your RedSuricata® Today! 👉 Shop Now 




What's Inside The Package? 

✔️ 4 Folding Aluminum Poles - The ONLY company with pointed, staked poles and secure plastic ball top

✔️ 4 Pole Anchor Screws – New 2020 – 4 improved pole anchors providing even greater stability to the sunshade -

EVEN in Windy Conditions as well as easier one-person set-up.

✔️ 4 Sand Bag Anchors – Easy to fill, and connected by strong ropes to canopy corners.

✔️ 1 Waterproof Carry Bag with Handles – The zippered carry bag fits everything inside for easy carrying!

✔️ 4 “bungee” elastic cords – New 2020 – dual-function – affix the canopy fabric to the pole & attach folded pole for storage

✔️ 4 Tent Pegs – Provides extra stability and support for your canopy tent.

✔️ UPF50 UV Sun Protection – This is equivalent to screening out 98% of direct UV Sunlight.

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    The Dimensions:

       Medium Large
      Size 7' x 7' ft. 10' x 9' ft.
      Weight 7.5 lb 9.2 lb
      Number of people 3-4 Adults 6-7 Adults


      Get Your RedSuricata® Today! 👉 Shop Now 

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