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The Top 12 Florida Beaches To Vacation At This Summer

The Top 12 Florida Beaches To Vacation At This Summer

There’s no doubt about it, Florida is a vacation hot-spot all year long. The Sunshine state offers 1,200 miles of breathtaking coastline and unbeatable diversity throughout its shores. From non-stop college parties to family-friendly activities, Florida’s beaches bring in all kinds of travelers and have something for everyone.  Here are the top 12 beaches to visit right now, that is, of course, if you want to travel right.


Although often confused with Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale is a unique destination in and of itself. Its beaches are less crowded and chaotic compared to others, making it one of the most family-friendly beaches yet.  Its affordable costs also make it attractive for families looking to get away and enjoy the Florida beaches. Strolling through the palm-tree-lined promenade offers the perfect break from a long hard day of tanning. 



Naples is the ideal beach vacation spot for the upscale traveler looking for a luxurious experience filled with endless high-end shops, top-rated restaurants and exclusive golf courses.  Be sure to note that such an experience can of course be rather costly, but the beaches are at least free of charge and are open to all, despite your budget or style. This Florida beach also offers scenic opportunities to snorkel,  fish, and enjoy unique wildlife, as well as unbeatable sunsets.  




Boca Raton is home to two must-visit beaches - South Inlet Park, a quiet fishing haven, and Red Reef Park, a dream place to swim, snorkel, and surf fish. The Gumbo Limbo Nature Center is also to be found at the Red Reef Park, offering a seriously unbeatable nature experience.  And if you’ve got yourself a furry friend looking for a welcoming environment, then you’ll surely want to visit Spanish River Park’s Bark Beach. 



Pensacola, overlooking the Gulf of Mexico, is popular for both its military base as well as for its incredibly picturesque beaches.  Its sea turtle and dolphin sightings in the calm water make it a must-visit spot.  If you’re looking for absolute solitude however, you’re better off as Opal Beach, one of the less crowded beaches of the area.  Pensacola is also home to once-in-a-lifetime kayaking and snorkeling opportunities. 



Cocoa Beach is a hot-spot for both surfers and families due to its close proximity to Orlando as well as its unreal waves.  Vacationers that come to Cocoa Beach can also watch professional surfing competitions if they don’t decide to take part themselves, and can also be sure to get some seriously memorable souvenirs from Ron Jon’s Surf Shop, known to be the largest surf shop across the globe! 




Amelia Island is the ideal beach destination for anyone looking for a relaxing experience with an additional historical charm.  Located northeast of Jacksonville, Florida,  this unique island offers 13 miles of breathtaking beaches and parks.  Once you’ve had enough of laying out on the sand, you’ll surely want to take part in the island’s golf championships or take a stroll under one of their famous oak-trees. 




Travelers of all ages, budgets, and styles are bound to have a great time at Panama City Beach.  Its state parks offer fishing, swimming, surfing, snorkeling, and unique wildlife adventures that can’t be found elsewhere.  And if you’re lucky enough to visit during the fall, spring, or summer, then you can catch the Shell Island Shuttle to see the famous population of bottlenose dolphins. But either way, the ocean waves, and sunsets await you. 



The historical city of St. Augustine offers two beaches and is also super close to many other worthy shores.  After you’ve had enough of shopping and touring, you’ll surely enjoy some bird-watching or kayaking on the water. This beach town is also perfect for families with young children since the water’s calm and the beach has splash pads. If you’re looking for some more adventure however, the chance to surf at Vilano Beach is just a 4-mile drive away. 




Located on the Atlantic coast of Florida, Vero Beach offers one seriously relaxing beach getaway.  Many of the wide-sand shores of Vero Beach are ideal for families, with everything you could ever want while on holiday, from beach volleyball courts to outdoor showers and playgrounds. And if you head out just a little further out, you can enjoy tropical plants and water lily-filled streams. Not to be missed. 




Hannah Montanah isn’t the only one that can enjoy the best of both worlds. Those that visit St. Petersburg surely can too.  With both a happening urban city and a seriously relaxing shoreline, this beach town is the ideal place for a beach getaway without feeling too isolated from reality and all the action.  What’s even more notable about St.Petersburg however is the fact that it holds the world record for having the most consecutive days of sunshine. We’re sold. 




Destin is a popular beach vacation destination for many families due to its breathtaking Gulf waters and dreamy white sands. Did we mention that it's also one of Florida’s most cost-friendly spots too? Maybe not in the summer months, however. But nonetheless, it's a must-visit beach, offering a laid-back vibe and some exciting sea creatures to be spotted while soaking up in the sunshine. 



It's quite a challenge to find a place in Florida more calm and peaceful than Sanibel Island.  While there aren’t too many extreme attractions here, a popular pastime is shelling, which means collecting a variety of colorful seashells from the beach sand.  This also means that Sanibel is a great destination for families since this isn’t exactly party central. You won’t regret it.



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