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I hope you’re doing well.  

As the CEO of RedSuricata® , it is my greatest pride to share our story with you of how we came to be what we are today. RedSuricata®  was founded in Sydney AUS, by yours truly, together with the help of an amazing group of friends that I can still count on today for just about anything - and especially so when it comes to organizing an epic beach trip. 

While at first, we were just so grateful to be together and on holiday, my friends and I eventually got tired of all that cheap beach gear that never seemed to last. Why were we constantly spending our hard-earned money on products that were bound to let us down? We didn’t want to end our dreamy beach getaways sooner than planned because our equipment didn’t suffice.

Not only did my friends and I recognize a need for more durable products, but we also had enough of always feeling as though something was missing, wishing we had this and that with us on these long-awaited trips, although we honestly weren’t even sure that these types of products existed in the first place.

Needless to say, through our frustrations and inspiration to create a better beach experience, we eventually decided to take action and created RedSuricata®. Today, we are one of the leading beach and outdoor equipment companies across the globe - and our success has surpassed anything my friends and I could ever have imagined.     

RedSuricata® offers everyone the chance to enjoy their beach experience to the fullest once and for all - in the most stress-free, efficient, comfortable, and affordable way possible. I’d like to thank you personally for your continued love and support for our quality products, and promise to continue to make all of your beaching dreams come true, offering only the highest quality of unique and innovative products. 



CEO of RedSuricata®


Our Values

*Aka "What We Believe And How We Run Our Business"


RedSuricata® believes only in the highest quality of products. Because why should our loyal customers have anything less than the very best? Our mission is to provide long-lasting, top-notch products to ensure the ultimate outdoor experience. 


We work around the clock to ensure that our products meet the constantly changing needs and trends of our customers. We live by innovation - always thinking outside the box to provide you with beach products you didn’t even know you needed.  


As a group of friends that established RedSuricata® out of personal frustration, we know more than anyone the importance of quality products when it comes to outdoor activities. Our passion is what drives us to never stop providing nothing less than perfection. 


While our ultimate goal is to provide the best possible products - we understand that this also means our products need to be stress-free, easy to both set-up and use, and, of course, affordable too. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.